Enter 2022 Cornwall Music Festival HERE


PLEASE NOTE that should the Festival be unable to run in March all entry fees will be refunded

How to make an online entry-


  1. Scroll through the classes under the headings given on the drop down menus until you find the class you would like to enter.
  2. Take a note of the Class Number and how much the entry fee is.
  3. If you wish enter for another class, repeat stages 1 and 2 as above
  4. When you have made your selection of the class/es that you wish to enter go to the drop down menu...Enter 2022 Festival HERE at the top of the page.
  5. On this page you will see ENTER HERE.  Click on the button and it will be take you to the Run My Festival website
  6. You will be asked to register if you are new to the Festival or sign in if you used the site in 2018/9
  7. Once you have entered your details you will be asked which class you wish to enter for etc etc
  8. Please then continue to follow the instructions on screen.