Cornwall Music Festival

Welcome to the Cornwall Music Festival...


Cornwall Music Festival provides a platform for many talented amateur musicians and verse speakers of all ages and abilities. It gives the stimulus of preparing for a public occasion and an opportunity to listen and learn from the performances of others. As important is the constructive criticism, help and advice given by experienced adjudicators, which helps the competitors improve their respective skills.


The Festival is held in March each year, classes run from 9.30am to 9.30pm, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions. The Festival is run entirely on a voluntary basis and depends on the generous financial support of all our Friends, Subscribers and Donors.

In order to safeguard our future and help us to plan ahead with confidence, we invite you to support us using the Support Us button below.

Festival 2021

At present we are preparing for next year's Festival 15th - 20th March 2021.

Of course as things are now with the Coronavirus pandemic we do not know whether we will be able to proceed, what we do know is that should the situation improve we will be ready to go!!


Further details on Festival 2021 page

New Speech Classes for 2021


We are pleased to introduce SET POEM classes for all junior school years (1 - 6).

and own choice Humorous Poem years 3 - 6 and 7 - 11

ALSO NEW ..A Poem composed and performed by the author on either

a) Pollution or  b) Performing in front of an audience  years 1- 6 and 7 - 11

Further details on Festival 2021 page