Notices for 2022

Important Changes to Cornwall Music Festival Syllabus

During the break several changes have been made to the running of the festival which hopefully will make it more streamlined and economically efficient.




The first change is that the syllabus will be accessible mainly online through the website. Each class will appear on a different page from a drop-down menu which should make finding the classes that you're looking for easier and quicker. Moving mainly to an online syllabus will result in a major saving on printing costs and a reduction in our use of paper.

If access to a computer is difficult there will be a slimmed down syllabus booklet still available which can be supplied upon request from the secretary. Copies of the booklet will also be available in the Truro Tourist Information centre, Truro library and the Truro Museum. (November 2021)


The second change is that all the classes have been re-categorised. All the classes pertaining to a particular instrument have been grouped together as have all ensemble classes, all choir classes etc. In the new groupings the class numbers have also changed and are now numbers only. This should also make it easier to find the classes you are looking for and to make an entry.


Entry to the classes will be as in previous years, mainly online.

There will, of course, be opportunity for participants to post their entry in the usual way. ( details will be released with the new syllabus in 1st October 2021)