1 Trophies

The Cornwall Music Festival gives award certificates for most classes. There are however some cup and trophies awarded each year. If you were a trophy winner at the 2024 Festival, please arrange to have the trophy engraved (at your own expense) and returned not later than Friday 12th January 2025 to either Linda Pelham,

Trevean, Old Kea, Truro. TR3 6AW

 or Mrs Camilla Comeau, Hazeldene, Bodmin Road, Truro TR1 1BE (tel 01872 273491).

2 Entries

Entries for the 2024 Festival should preferably be made online via our website If this is not possible, please make entries by post on the given form (or downloaded from the website) and post to:

Jo Wood .... Penhalveor Farm, Penhalvean, Redruth. Cornwall. TR16 6NL

(email ...

ALL ENTRIES CLOSE on Friday 19th January 2024

ALL Entries MUST BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE and are non-returnable.


3 Your Performance Material

All Performers need to bring an extra copy of the music or literature they are to perform and hand it to the Certificate Writer before the class begins. (Please see item 2 in the General Rules..Photocopying) The music/verse copies should be prelabelled with the class number, name and performance number of the competitor, title of the own-choice piece (and page number where appropriate) on the front of the copy.

4 Entry Fees

All ENTRY fees should be paid at the time of entry using either BACS or by Cheque otherwise entry will be held in pending folder
Entry fees are not refundable after the closing date for entries. (19th January 2024). After this time the adjudicator time and venue will have been booked and paid for.

5 Rehearsal rooms

No rehearsal or changing rooms will be available. For the sake of equitability in competitive classes, teachers may not use any part of the premises for coaching or rehearsal.

6 Personal possessions

Neither the Festival nor the Church Council takes any responsibility for loss or damage to personal possessions.

7 Closing Concert

IN 2024, Performers may be invited to take part in the Closing Concert at 7.00pm on Saturday 16th March 2024 . The Closing Concert will consist of performers drawn from the week that represent the breadth and variety of Festival Week. It may or may not include winners from the various classes.

We ask that when participants have accepted the invitation to take part they will be expected to attend. They may perform only the items used during the Festival week, unless the piece exceeds 5 minutes, in which case they will need to select a shorter alternative agreed with the concert organiser.


8 Complimentary tickets

Schools bringing large numbers of children (choirs/choral verse/bands/orchestras) may qualify for complimentary tickets for adults who help to supervise the children. In addition to conductors and accompanists, for whom there is no charge, one complimentary ticket per ten pupils will be issued for adult supervisors. (e.g. 30 pupils = 3 complimentary tickets). All other spectators will be expected to purchase a ticket.

9 Data protection

The Data Protection Act which became law on 25 May 2018 provides greater security for individuals in terms of personal data. Data held is solely for the purpose of running the Festival and personal data will not be disclosed to third parties without express consent.

10 Parking

The Festival’s use of the premises of Truro Methodist Church does not extend to the car park. No parking will normally be available on the Church premises. Long-stay and short stay car parking is available in public car parks. There are now two Park & Ride sites: at Langarth to the west and on the A390 to the east of the city, but the service stops at 7 pm.