Enter 2024 Cornwall Music Festival Here

Please try to pay by BACS.

Payment through PayPal incurs a commission which is borne by the Festival. 

How to make an online entry-


  1. Scroll through the classes under the headings given on the drop down menus until you find the class you would like to enter.
  2. Take a note of the Class Number and how much the entry fee is.
  3. If you wish to enter for another class, repeat stages 1 and 2 as above
  4. When you have made your selection of the class/es that you wish to enter click on the ENTER HERE at the top of this page. This will be take you to the Play and Perform website
  5. If you did not enter Cornwall Music Festival in 2023 you will be asked to register. If you then return to the site to add a further entry simply sign in. 
  6. Each time an individual, group, choir or dance group is entered, you will be required to complete an entry form for each entry. You will be asked for the name of the individual or group, the age on March 1st 2024 etc.
  7. As soon as the age is entered, only the classes that the individual or group are eligible for will appear in the sections. For Example: Peter wants to enter for the solo voice class. As he is 12 the singing classes for 13 years and above will not appear in the list of classes available to him.
  8. If you are entering a choir, the list of choir classes will not appear until you have entered the name of your choir on the entry form.
  9. Please then continue to follow the instructions on screen.
  10. Entry to a class will go into the Pending folder and will not be confirmed until payment has  has been received.
  11. Payment can be made by BACS into the Cornwall Music Festival account or by cheque. Further details will appear at the end of the entry process.
  12.  FEES Cannot be refunded if withdrawal from a class happens after the closing date...   January 19th 2024.

PLEASE NOTE that should the Festival be unable to run in March (due to unforeseen circumstances ...Covid, etc) all entry fees will be refunded