Cornwall Festival News

September 2020

Cornwall Music Festival 110th Anniversary Lunch

Due to the Coronavirus the 110th Lunch had to be a scaled down affair but it was nevertheless very enjoyable. Many thanks to Liz Willis for arranging it and Penrose Kitchen for the superb food.

Cancellation of the 2020 Festival 



The cancellation of this year's Festival has been a huge disappointment to all, both competitors and organisers.

As the decision to cancel was made only two days before the Festival (unavoidably because of the pace of Covid events) the Festival has had to sustain several losses that were uninsurable. 

Since March we have worked hard on returning all the programme advertising revenue as well as refunding most of the entry fees.

We are very grateful to those individuals, schools and businesses who kindly indicated  they did not want a refund, this has helped the Festival tremendously, to them, thank you very much. 

As you can imagine this has been a very labour intensive task and I wish to thank David Bennett (entry manager) and Stuart Pearson (treasurer) for all their hard work in  returning fees.

David (Chairman)


AGM 2020

Because of the present situation, the AGM was not able to be held in June/July as normal. The repaying of fees and monies has delayed the auditing of the books, this will now take place at the end of October. The AGM will take place on line on October 28th 2020 at 7.00pm