Cornwall Festival News

APRIL 2021

After another different year, hopefully things will be getting back to normal again soon. It is with that in mind that plans for next year's Festival (2022) are taking shape with the hope that we will be able to run the 2022 festival.

The executive committee have decided that we need to bring the festival back next year, as long as the government allows us to, as we have had too long a break and everybody is ready to start making music again. The plan is to offer all the normal classes on the understanding that some, for example choral, may still not be possible next year and therefore the classes will simply not run in that particular discipline. It is our hope though that things will be more back to normal and that we will be able to run as many classes as possible. 

2022 Concerto Class

Exciting News to follow soon...

September 2020

Cornwall Music Festival 110th Anniversary Lunch

Due to the Coronavirus the 110th Lunch had to be a scaled down affair but it was nevertheless very enjoyable. Many thanks to Liz Willis for arranging it and Penrose Kitchen for the superb food.

Cancellation of the 2020 Festival 



The cancellation of the 2020 and the 2021 Festival have been a huge disappointment to all, both  competitors and organisers.

We look forward to 2022 and hope that at least some aspects, if not all, of the Festival will be able to return.

David (Chairman)